“Born in Light” is the sequel of “Broken in Twilight” and the final part of the Lilith-trilogy. The Dutch version of “Born in Light” was published in April 2012. During Liliths quest for one of the older dragons, she finds more than she has counted for. Ferhdessar - getting more and more ambitious - and Kasimirh continue their feud at the expense of the Merzian people. Lilith returns when their war reaches its climax. Nobody can foresee the far-reaching consequences of her choice. TO FULFILL DREAMS NIGHTMARES HAVE TO BECOME REALITY Reviews: "Lilith is a woman who, willing and unwillingly, teeters between good and bad. This is the great strength of this story, the realization that the main characters are not good or bad, but in between sometimes tend from one to the other side." Review NBD Biblion "Kim ten Tusscher creates a tension in Born in Light that is from the beginning clearly present. This tension manifests itself not only on the success or failure of actions, but also in the main characters Lilith, Fehrdessar and Kasimirh, and the three of them. They are in a additional way impressively described, this enables you to crawl in the skin of the characters." Review Fantasy Wereld HOME ABOUT KIM CONTACT AND ORDER LINKS REVIEWS LILITH-TRAILER HUNTER'S PREY