HOME ABOUT KIM CONTACT AND ORDER LINKS About Kimů Kim ten Tusscher was born in 1979 in the Netherlands. she grew up as the youngest of three in a creative family. Although Kim studied photography, she is currently working as a Visual Merchandiser. In 2008 Kim presented her first novel Hydrhaga. The Lilith-trilogy followed. Both stories will be translated in English. There is no 'good' or 'evil' in her stories. Every character has convincing arguments for their actions. Kims books are being read by a large public of fantasy enthusiasts, but also by people who are less familiar with this genre. On this website you will find more information about Kims stories. Please 'like' her Facebook page for frequent updates. REVIEWS LILITH-TRAILER HUNTER'S PREY

Scary and exciting times! Hydrhaga and Bound in Darkness are now available in English on Alter Ego Press and Amazon. As I said on Facebook and Twitter: it might be a first small step across the borders, but I hope it will leave a huge footprint.
For Bound in Darkness, I have made a book trailer. I am really excited about this project, which I did with the help of some very skilled professionals. And of course I am really excited about going across the Dutch borders with my stories.