My name is Kim ten Tusscher. Writing hasn't always been on top of my mind.
In my twenties I pursued a career in photography. During my study, I got
interested by documentary photography. I looked for similarities between
people and tried to invalidate prejudice. The camera gave me access to 'other'
worlds, but also created a distance to my subject I would rather not have.

In my final year, I travelled to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.
I came back with much more than pictures. The culture of these people proved
to be a lasting source of inspiration. My experiences with these people end up in
my stories in many different ways.

Than I rediscovered writing and fell in love with it. Fantasy proved a great way
of exploring the world around me. The intense subjects I write about, challenge
me to make sense of what's happening around me in real live. I love to read
stories that are set in the grey area between good and evil, so that's also what
I write. I'm known for creating convincing characters and a world which isn't
black or white. As a writer, I have overcome the distance I felt towards my
subject when I was a photographer.
My stories have gathered a loyal group of readers. My latest book "Prooi" has been nominated for all the Dutch awards for
Best Fantasy Book 2015.

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