With the diptych Hunter & Prey I return to the
world of Lilith, but decades before the mighty
dragon changer was born.

Since the Goddess Margal returned to the world,
her Hunters try to restore peace. Skin changers
are slain and half bloods purified in a war that
leaves no resident of Naftalia untouched.

Meaghun is Margal's eldest son and her most
feared Hunter. But can he stop the dangers that
are closing in on Ilahidir? Or is it he himself who
will overthrow the ideals for which he always has
been fighting?

In 2016, I will go on a search for an agent or
publisher for this story.
HOME BOOKS PRESS ABOUT KIM FILMS CONTACT I don't avoid intense subjects, because those
challenge me to think about what's happening
around me in real live. That's why my stories
are known for the convincing characters...
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Hunter is a thrilling and exciting story. The
development of the characters, the choices
they make and what they believe is right...
very well written!
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