The young and rebellious Lumea tries to escape the restrictions imposed on
her by her homeland by accepting an invitation to visit the legendary city
of Hydrhaga. The rigid Elf Elion and his young friend Siard aspire to liberate
their race from slavery to which mankind condemned them, due to sins committed
in the past. The quests of these three youngsters intertwine and together they
set out to search the mysterious city of Hydrhaga, where dreams become reality.

However - Hydrhaga doesn't turn out to be the paradise that was promised to them.
It is a tool, the dream of a spirit who aims to accomplish his - in itself noble -
goal at the expense of thousands of lives. As they flee from certain death, Lumea
and her two companions find themselves compelled to adopt a position in the
conflict that is about to erupt.

Hydrhaga is a story about conflicting points of view, friendship and the price
of hate. It is also the story of Lumea who is faced with many moral dilemmas. Her
choices enable her to ultimately find her place in the world. But at what price?
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The elves in this book are not the proud and superior
race as we see them in most stories. Here they are
defeated and chased away by the humans and they
live an humiliating existence.
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