They deserve to die, he said.
So she burned them all.
But did he speak the truth?

When dragon-shifters were first created, humans vowed that this species would
only be bound to a dragon with magical powers. Because the dragons understood
very well what gruesome acts a man could commit with a fire-breathing servant
at his side.

But these laws were made long ago and Lilith has no dragon to protect her. Her
master is Kasimirh, a human sorcerer who forces her to fight his battles. He
controls everything she does and even everything she thinks.

Until now…
Lilith runs away.

But Kasimirh does not allow her to end the twisted relationship between master
and servant so easily.
Without Lilith, his chances to win the war are zero to none. He needs his dragon-shifter desperately. And he knows exactly where
to look for her.

Lilith can't fight Kasimirh on her own. Her new friends offer to help. But are their reasons sincere?
Or do they look at her the same way Kasimirh did as something that they can use for their own advantage?


You'll love this epic, dark fantasy story because the twists and turns will keep you committed right until the end.
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