One battle won…
… doesn't mean victory.

Celebrating the win at the gates of Merzia goes hand in hand with
mourning the loss of so many men. To secure the future of his
people, Yvar chooses a new wife.

Will she save the kingdom?
Or bring it to its downfall?

Lilith struggles with the outcome of the battle. She finds herself
stranded far away from Merzia and Naftalia, but does that mean
she's finally free?

Meanwhile, Kasimirh plots his revenge…

The stakes grow.
Lilith has to decide…
Was she destined to fight alongside her master?

You'll love this epic fantasy story packed with twists and turns
because everybody wants to fight for a better world.

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HOME BOOKS PRESS ABOUT KIM FILMS CONTACT Writing stories is my passion and fantasy a
great way of exploring the world around me.
I don't avoid intense subjects, because those
challenge me to think about...
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This story has depth and the characters are
well written and feel very much alive. Kim's
skills are shown in the way she tells this story
from different angles.
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