Trained to kill…
… she turned against her master.
But what if he was fighting for the right cause?

The idea was simple. Go to the Ice dragon to learn more about her
heritage. Of course, Lilith is scared, but after everything she's been
through, this won't be that hard.

Or will it?

The dragons know more about her then she anticipated. As she stands
trial for a crime she doesn't remember, Kasimirh tightens his grip on
her once again.

Continuing to flee is not an option. Lilith has to come back.

When war reaches its climax Lilith puts everything she has on the line:
The freedom she longed for her entire life and the faith of her loved ones.

Does she have the strength to distinguish good from evil?

You'll love this final installment in the series because you won't be able to
predict how it ends.

Get it now.
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vincing characters and a world which isn't
black or white. I love stories that are set
in the grey area between good and evil.
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Lilith is a woman who willingly and unwillingly
balances between good and evil. This is the
strength of this story, the awareness that none
of the main characters is purely good or evil...
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